How to measure capacitors/Test a Capacitors (9): How do I calculate the insulation resistance and CR product?
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A. There are two limits for insulation resistance depending on the component’s rated voltage (see Table 1).

Rated Voltage IR Limit Formula
25V~50V 10,000MΩ or 500MΩ uF; Whichever smaller.
6.3V~16V 10,000MΩ or 100MΩ uF; Whichever smaller.
Table 1

Rated Voltage : 16V
Nominal Capacitance : 100,000pF (or 0.1 uF)

IR Limit = min[10,000MΩ or 100MΩ uF/0.1uF]

= min[10,000MΩ or 1,000MΩ]

Therefore, IR Limit = 1,000MΩ

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