Power Supplies Selection Guide

TDK is a global supplier and recognized leader of power conversion products suited to many applications including medical & healthcare, industrial & energy, test & measurement, semi fab and ICT/broadcast. Details can be viewed by clicking on a product category.

Choosing a Power Supply

Do you have a specific power requirement? Click on one of the links below to narrow your search using TDK's Search by Characteristics tool.

Category Typical Applications General Description
Medical and Healthcare, Industrial, Process Control, Test & Measurement, Semi Fab, Robotics and Food & Beverage Our AC-DC switching power supplies are available in a variety of package types including enclosed/unit type, open frame, u-channel, PCB mount, rack mount, external and DIN Rail. Products range in power levels from 4W to 45,000W and are available with single phase or three phase inputs and single or multiple outputs.
Industrial, Healthcare, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Robotics, Avionics and Defense Our isolated and non-isolated DC-DC converters range from 1.3W to 1008W and are available in standard board mount and DIN rail mount.
Energy regeneration Our EZA series of bidirectional DC-DC converters are available in 2500W and 11,000W and are capable of performing both step-down and step-up operations in a single unit.
Industrial, Robotics, Healthcare, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) including Telecom, Computing and Server market. Our μPOL™ product family represents a new type of DC-DC converters. This is designed to power modern microprocessors, microcontroller, ASIC, FPGA, DSP and advanced digital logic devices. The increasing demand for high performance, fast load transient and voltage accuracy in small footprint are driving factor for this new innovation.
Aerospace, Test & Measurement, Industrial Automation and Process Control, Automotive Test, Medical Imaging, Semiconductor Fabrication Test & Burn-in, Applied Physics Research, Renewable Energy and R&D/Test. Our comprehensive standardard DC Programmable DC power supplies range in power from 200W to 15kW with parallel capability enabling solutions up to 60kW. Outputs up to 1500V are available as well as various remote interface options including LAN, USB, IEEE, RS-232, RS-485, EtherCAT, Modbus-TCP and Isolated Analog (Voltage/Current).
Aerospace Test & Measurement, Industrial, Automotive, Renewable Energy, Robotics, Semiconductor, Medical Our SFL series is a multi-functional programmable DC Electronic Load that offers power levels of 300W (3U Half-Rack) and 1kW (3U Full-Rack) with high-speed current control (no dynamic overshoot/oscillation), high slew-rate (up to 30A/us) and stable operation at low voltage with no turn-On delay.
Lasers, Pulse Forming Networks, Photomultipliers, Mass Spectrometry TDK offers a broad range of TDK-Lambda brand high voltage programmable capacitor charging and AC-DC power supplies.
Expansion modules, racks, cables, harnesses, evaluation boards, heatsinks and other components for use with power supplies.