PoC(Power over Coax) Selection Tool

Filter selection tool for PoC method of superimposing power supply to signal line in serializer/deserializer single-ended communication.

Required conditions

  • PAM  
  • Ser/Des Type  
  • Max. Ambient Temp. °C
  • Current mA
    • Filter upper limit MHz
    • Filter lower limit MHz
    • Video bit-rate Mbps
    • I²C bit-rate Mbps
  • Option conditions

  • DC Resistance (Max.) Ω
  • Mounting area (Max.) mm²
  • Thickness / Height (Max.) mm
  • Please input in this order : PAM、Ser/Des type、Ambient temp、Current、Filter freq.(upper limit, lower limit)
    Required conditions Description
    Filter upper limit The filter upper limit frequency of the video signal.
    Filter lower limit The filter lower limit frequency for control signal from Des-IC to Ser-IC.(I2C signal)
    *As reference, a related representative transmission bit rate will be displayed on the right side.

    Option conditions Description
    DC Resistance Max DCR of the total filter
    Mounting area Max mounting area for the whole filter including the land pad (resistors are calculated as 1005 shape/1.0mm2).
    Thickness / Height Max height of the components.

    In case that no PoC filter could be selected in base to your request , please contact us.

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