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Application Specific IC (ASIC) Development and Supply
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ICsense is a supplier of Application Specific ICs (ASICs) for automotive, industrial, medical and consumer markets. ICsense’s core expertise is analog, mixed-signal and high-voltage developments. Typical applications include sensor/MEMS interfacing, power/battery management, communication, ultra-low-power designs. The Micronas HVC motor controllers integrate almost all surrounding circuits needed for directly driving electrical DC motors (BLDC, BDC, stepper). In addition to the UART interface, the built-in networking capabilities enable the deployment of LIN bus control compliant to LIN-2.x for a wider range of applications like e.g. remote smart actuator. Reducing the number of external components to a minimum, the product’s flexible peripherals allow direct controlling of brushless, brush-type DC- and stepper electrical motors by means of three fully integrated half-bridges. The HVC controllers provide an effective system solution for both small and medium sized electrical motors, enabling a common product platform. This gives our customers a decisive competitive edge because they are much faster at the implementation stage and need fewer resources in the development process of their various applications.