Automotive/SafetyChild Presence Detection System

Here are the optimal products for Child Presence Detection System for automobile safety mechanisms, selected from the TDK Group's product lines, including inductors, EMC Components, and piezo components.

SMD / SMT Inductors (Coils)

Power Circuits

Wire Wound/Ferrite
Wire Wound/Metal
Wire Wound/Metal

Standard Circuits

PoC Filter

High Frequency Circuits

High Q
Super High Q

Voltage Protection Devices

Chip Varistors / Ceramic Transient Voltage Suppressors

Piezo Components, Buzzers and Microphones

MEMS Microphones

Electromagnetic Buzzers

PiezoListen™ Piezo Speakers

Temperature Sensors

Chip NTC Thermistors

EMC Components

Signal Line
Common Mode Chokes/Filters

Signal Line

Power Line
Common Mode Chokes/Filters

Chip Beads

Signal Line
Power Line

3-terminal Filters