Technical Support Tools

TDK provides S-parameter, equivalent circuit model, SPICE model, and libraries for various simulators. We also offer software tools to display/print frequency characteristics, temperature characteristics, and DC bias characteristics of TDK components and to check their effects.

  • » TVCL - TDK Virtual Component Library
    S-parameter, Equivalent Circuit Model, SPICE Model, Libraries for Simulators of TDK brand components
  • SIM-CAL STUDIO™ contains useful simulation and calculation tools.
  • » EPCOS Design Tools
    Design tools and simulation models for EPCOS brand components
  • » TDK Sample Kits
    Sample kits for TDK group components can be ordered online through distributors'websites.
  • » EPCOS Sample Kits
    A short description of each sample kit and detailed information from PDF files.Sample kits are available to place an order through the distributor's web site.

Technical Support Service

» EMC Testing Service
Various services such as
EMI measurement and
EMS testing