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The TDK portfolio includes a variety of components that utilize piezo-ceramic materials. PiezoHapt™ actuators are unimorph-type vibration units with very thin body and used in devices in need of fast haptic feedback. Devices equipped with these actuators can vibrate in freely designed patterns with low voltage and deliver tactile sensation to a wide area. PowerHap™ actuators, unlike conventional electromagnetic solutions, can excite the entire stimulation range between 1 Hz and 1000 Hz. They thus have no significant frequency or amplitude limitations for customized haptic feedback to key human mechanoreceptors. In this way, the new actuator enables designers to custom develop high-definition haptic feedback profiles that users expect from cutting-edge human-machine interfaces (HMI). Piezoelectric vibrators are used in various areas such as industrial atomization units for controlling humidity and aerosol inhalers for medical purposes. Compact and low-power consumption piezoelectric unimorph-type buzzers and receivers can be used in automotive applications that require high levels of sound pressure at relatively broad frequency bands. Furthermore, the lineup includes piezo actuators, which are the core component in high-precision piezo fuel injection systems in diesel and gas engines. Vehicles equipped with these multilayer ceramic components consume less fuel and are characterized by lower emissions and quieter engines. PTC heating elements are used in vehicles as auxiliary heaters or to heat windshield nozzles and fuel filters. PTC thermistors are also used in energy-saving lamps or as motor-start PTCs in refrigerator compressors. Switching spark gaps represent a further product line. These high-performance switching elements are also used to ignite gas burners or high-intensity discharge (HID) headlamps in automobiles.