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The transparent conductive film “FLECLEAR®” is a product for which our sputtering method and wet coating (application) method are used to form a low-resistance transparent conductive layer on PET film, while simultaneously achieving high optical characteristics through our unique optical adjustment layer.


Mar. 12, 2017
Release of "myTDK", our membership-based service
Apr. 19, 2016
Application Guides|Added Medical equipment
Jan. 25, 2016
TDK Developing Technologies | Releasing innovation technology (Smart Crystal, Ag-Stacked Transparent Conductive Film) by TDK.
Oct. 29, 2014
Application Guides|Added 4 categories: Smartphone/Tablet, Automotive (HV/xEV), Car Infotainment, and Wearables
May. 15, 2014
New TDK Product Center established
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