Please explain the types of TDK's inductors (coils) and their differences.
  • Inductors (Coils)

A. Inductors are largely divided into inductors for power circuits, inductors for signal circuits, and inductors for high frequency circuits according to their application purposes. Furthermore, their processing methods give them different features. TDK's inductors are classified as follows:

  • ■Multilayer type: Optimum for reducing the size and profile of a product. Using different core materials, this type of inductors are offered for both high frequency circuit and power circuit applications.
  • ■Wire-wound type: The thick copper wires can reduce the DC resistance and therefore this type of inductors are suitable for large current applications.
  • ■Thin-film type: The combination of highly-precise pattern formation and material with superior magnetic characteristics is suitable for compact, low-profile, and large current applications.

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