Please describe the power consumption (loss).
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A. The power consumption (loss) is the difference between input power and output power and is calculated with the formulas below.

Pd: Power consumption (W)
Pin: Input power (W) Pin = Vin × Iin
Pout: Output power (W) Pout = Vout × Iout
η: Efficiency
Vin: Input voltage (V)
Iin: Input current (A)
Vout: Output voltage (V)
Iout: Output current (A)

Example 1) The efficiency is 92.5% of the specifications with the maximum output (30W) when the input voltage of the CC30-4805SFP-E is 48V and the ambient temperature is 25°C.
The power consumption (loss) in this case is Pd = (30 ÷ 0.925) – 30 = 2.43W with the formula above.

Example 2) The following figures were produced when the DC-DC converter was operated and the input power voltage and output power current were measured.
Input voltage (Vin) = 47.996V
Input current (Iin) = 0.348A
Output voltage (Vout) = 5.014V
Output current (Iout) = 2.998A
The power consumption (loss) in this case is Pd = (47.996 × 0.348) – (5.014 × 2.998) = 1.67W with the formula above.