Request for Questionnaire on Transformer Design Simulation Tool
Working in collaboration with Digi-Key Electronics, TDK has made the SIM-CAL STUDIO transformer design tool for AC/DC flyback converters, which makes it possible to order samples, available to the public.
We are conducting this survey so we can reflect user opinions in the tool with the aim of enhancing services.
Please use URL below to access and respond to the questionnaire.
Features of the Tool
・ An optimal configuration is recommended simply by the selecting and inputting the design conditions of user.
・ The designed products can achieve stable product quality using automatic wire-winding technology based on the core bobbin of the ECO series, which has been optimized with TDK's ferrite technologies.
・ Samples of transformers designed using this design tool can be ordered on the Digi-Key website.
Scope of Application of Specifications
・ Circuit method: Flyback (PWM & quasi-resonance)
・ Input voltage: Wide input (AC 90 V - AC 264 V)
・ Output power 5 W - 40 W
・ Max. number of outputs: 2