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Large Capacitance and Low Resistance EDLC/Supercapacitors
We would like to introduce Electric Double‐Layer Capacitor (EDLC/supercapacitor) in a package using metal foil laminate film.
The main features of TDK EDLCs are large capacitance and low resistance, and they are good at handling large current. The rated voltage is "3V or higher", making it easy to use.
Because they are thin and lightweight, it is an attractive form that can be used in mobile products as well as products with strict thickness restrictions. They are also safe, and there is no risk of fire or smoke even if they are nailed, bent, or heated while fully charged.
In this article, we will introduce explanation of Electric Double‐Layer Capacitor (EDLCs/supercapacitors), safety experiments, and seven application examples.
●Uses of TDK’s Electric Double-Layer Capacitors (EDLC/Supercapacitors)
1) Electronic paper: Power assist when rewriting a screen using battery drive
2) Portable audio players: Voltage leveling during high loads using battery drive
3) Water and gas smart meters: Power assist during wireless transmission using battery drive
4) Fingerprint authentication cards: Power supply assist during operation of fingerprint sensors
5) SSD : Power backup during power loss(Last Gasp)
6) Batteryless wireless sensors: Storage of micro-energy generated from the environment and provision when needed
7) Micromotors : Storage of regenerative energy and stable operation of loads
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