ESD Protection Devices Product Map

Our product lineup for ESD protection devices consists of chip varistors, chip protectors, and chip capacitors.

Chip varistors are available in the AVRM/AVR-M series, AVRL series, and AVRH series.
The features of the AVRM/AVR-M series are high capacitance and high electrostatic absorption capability. In communication lines between 10kbps and 10Mbps, products in this series can achieve high electrostatic absorption.

The feature of the AVRL series is low capacitance. As a result, in faster transmission lines between 50Mbps and 1Gbps, products in this series demonstrate higher electrostatic absorption than ESD suppressors.

AVRH series are automotive chip varistors that is EIA0402 (1005 mm) size or less and conforming to AEC-Q200.

The features of chip protectors are low capacitance and high electrostatic absorption capability, and they are suitable as replacements for TVS diodes.
In transmission lines between 50Mbps and 500Mbps, chip protectors demonstrate electrostatic absorption which is not only higher than ESD suppressors, but even higher than the AVRL series.

The CGA3EA series of chip capacitors, which specializes in high electrostatic absorption, is suitable for use as an ESD protection measure at relatively low transmission lines of 1Mbps or less.