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SEAT 2013 - SElection Assistant of TDK components Ver.5.3.0[2015/Dec/21]

Discontinued in the end of September 2018.

Aug 2013
Major Update
"SEAT" is a free software product that can display the characteristics of various TDK components (chip beads, inductors (coils), ceramic capacitors, common mode filters), simulate their effects on a computer, and so on.

  • Major Functions
  • This will explain the major functions of SEAT such as component characteristics simulation.

  • Products List [2MB]
  • List of products included in SEAT.

  • Update to the Latest Version
  • If SEAT 2013 has already been installed, updating to the latest version is possible by applying a patch.

  • Download
  • To download this software, read the "SEAT License Agreement" on the next page, and if you accept it, click the "Agree" button on the bottom on the page, and then execute installation.

  • Tutorial
  • Instruction manual for SEAT.

  • FAQ
  • This provides answers to common questions about SEAT from other users.


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  • Update History