Feb. 14, 2017 

Actuators with haptic feedback: Ultra-thin PiezoHapt™ actuator with low driving voltage

Ceramic Switching / Heating, Piezo Components and Buzzers Piezoelectric actuator for haptic feedback PiezoHapt™ Actuator

Feb. 3, 2017 

Qualcomm and TDK Announce Launch of Joint Venture

RF Components and Modules Filters Diplexers Triplexers Baluns Directional Couplers Phase Shifters (Delay Lines) Antennas Isolators / Circulators Modules

Jan. 24, 2017 

Multilayer ceramic chip capacitors: Expanded lineup of automotive-grade MLCCs for high-temperature applications

Capacitors Ceramic Capacitors Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors

Jan. 10, 2017 

Film capacitors: Robust industrial grade X2 capacitors with a rated voltage of 350 V AC

Capacitors Film Capacitors EMI Suppression Capacitors