Technical Support Tools

TDK provides S-parameter, equivalent circuit model, SPICE model, and libraries for various simulators. We also offer software tools to display/print frequency characteristics, temperature characteristics, and DC bias characteristics of TDK components and to check their effects.


Apr. 4, 2017
TDK Virtual Component Library (S-parameter, Equivalent Circuit Model, SPICE Model) updated.
Feb. 16, 2017
TDK Virtual Component Library: SPICE(precise model) and V-I model of varistors have been released.
Jan. 26, 2016
TDK Virtual Component Library (Keysight ADS,ANSYS Designer) updated.
Jan. 14, 2016
SEAT - SElection Assistant of TDK components 2013 Ver.5.3.0 released.
Aug. 24, 2015
TDK Virtual Component Library (Libraries for Simulators) updated.

Technical Support Service