What storage method do you recommend for the power supply?
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A. 1. Please store it in the package (box).
2. Do not apply excessive vibration, impact, or load directly to the product.
3. Do not expose the product to direct sunlight.
4. Please observe the following conditions for the approximate storage humidity and temperature.
   Temperature Range: 5℃ to 30℃
   Humidity Range: 40%to 60% RH
   *Please avoid storage in a place where temperature and humidity change drastically. Such environments will cause condensation on the product, which
   may cause deterioration of the product.
5. After delivery, we recommend that products used no more than 2 years before use.

(When storing products such as on-board products, power module products, and other products which are soldered to the substrate and do not use aluminum electrolytic capacitors)
 If more than one year has passed after delivery, check the lead for rust, oxidation, solderability, etc., before use.
 Note that SMD-type products may be subject to MSL (Moisture Sensitivity Level) regulations.
 Please be sure to check the storage conditions or delivery specifications described in the instruction manual and product catalog.

 If stored for a long period of one year or more, there is a concern that the terminal pins will be oxidized, thus making soldering impossible.
 Countermeasures to this problem are listed below.
 For example, when storing the product for a long period of time, as countermeasures against the oxygen and water that cause oxidation, we recommend that
 you perform degassing packaging with a desiccant (silica gel) and store it with emphasis on preventing oxidation of the terminal pins.

(When storing products that use aluminum electrolytic capacitors inside the power supplies, such as unit types, substrate types and some on-board types)
 Leakage current of aluminum electrolytic capacitors tend to increase if left unpowered for a long period of time.
 This undesirable phenomenon can be improved by applying a voltage to the aluminum electrolytic capacitor, which reduces the leakage current that increases
 due to the repairing action of the electrolytic solution.
 Therefore, when using a product that has been stored for a long period of one year or more, please be sure to carry out no-load energization for about
 30 minutes or more before use.

(Energization conditions)
 (1) For products that are more than one year old after delivery
 (2) Energization conditions
   Input voltage: Rating
   Load: 0A
   Ambient temperature: Room temperature
   Time: 30 minutes or higher