I don't want to stop the system, so I would like to operate it redundantly (backup). Is this possible? Also, what should I be cautious of when using remote sensing during redundant operation?
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A. Redundant (backup) operation is possible.

Please match the diode to the output side and then connect.
If there is a remote sensing terminal, please be sure to perform sensing on the anode side of the diode.
If sensing is performed on the cathode side of the diode, the power supply operation may become unstable.

Figure 1

Please use the following guidelines when selecting a diode:
(1) The repetitive peak reverse voltage is more than twice the rated output voltage of the power supply
(2) The average output current is more than the rated output current of the power supply
(3) Diode with forward voltage that is as low as possible (Example: Schottky diode)
Furthermore, if the diode is used alone, the element may be damaged by heat. Therefore, be careful when using a radiator, etc., for cooling and confirm that the element temperature is within the range specified by the manufacturer.
*Please use the backflow prevention module RP-60-20 etc. which is a product of TDK-Lambda.