TDK Product Information NEWS January 2021 Special Issue
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We will do our best to provide you useful contents this year as well.
Here, you can check the top 10 ranking of most read articles in 2020.
(This ranking includes only the contents released in 2020)
Top 3 most read articles in 2020
1st:What is the difference between Zener/TVS diodes and varistors?
Four comparison aspects to consider with regard to usage
Chip varistors and TVS diodes are commonly used as over-voltage protection components. Their structural design and manufacturing methods are completely different, but they offer similar characteristics with regard to protection from static electricity.
They generally can therefore be used interchangeably in a circuit, but there are cases where chip varistors are considered to be not suitable. The aim of this article is to clarify the difference between varistors and diodes and to introduce data that can be used to compare the two.
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2nd:Piezoelectric Buzzer Selection Guide

TDK offers a wide lineup of piezoelectric buzzers to meet the various needs of our customers.
This page includes Selection Guides for selecting products according to sound pressure level and size, or frequency and size, as well as sound tests to listen to buzzer sounds (single frequencies of 2kHz and 4kHz, and melody sounds).

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3rd:Haptic devices in the ICT sector
Haptic devices are starting to be used for applications such as industrial or automotive monitors, displays on white goods such as washing machines, etc. However, these devices are also suitable for smartphones, notebook computers, and other ICT products.
TDK offers haptic device products utilizing the piezoelectric effect.
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The 4th to 10th most read articles in 2020
4th:Ultrasonic Parking Sensors for Automated Parking
5th:Automotive LED Lighting
6th:Application Guides: EV Fast Charger
7th:Clamp Filter (Ferrite Core with Case) Selection Guide
8th:Application Guides Major Appliances
9th:Electromagnetic Buzzer Selection Guide
10th:Sensors Enhance Engine Intake and Exhaust Performance