Sound Solution

We offer comprehensive solutions optimized for various sound applications.

Our products from the TDK Group are tailored for sound applications.

There is a multitude of devices surrounding us that handle sound, such as AV equipment for enjoying music, smartphones, computers, and various home appliances that notify us through sound. Recently, voice-operated smart speakers have also emerged. TDK has been closely associated with sound since the era of audio cassette tapes. In the field of electronic devices, we provide a range of products for sound applications, including piezoelectric speakers, MEMS microphones, piezoelectric/electromagnetic buzzers, suppression filters to minimize noise, and notch filters with ESD protection features, thereby offering solutions for new technologies.

Tech Library

We present TDK's sound solution products through categories like Products & Technologies, Applications & Use Cases, and Solution Guides.

Application Guides

For each application, we will introduce the most suitable products from the extensive range offered by the TDK Group.

Selection Guides

While providing an overview, we will present the optimal products.

Useful Information

Useful information about TDK products.

Electronic Component Models for Simulation: TVCL(TDK Virtual Components Library)

This is a simulation model for replicating the characteristics of TDK's electronic components on a simulator. It provides S-parameters, equivalent circuit models, SPICE models, and libraries for various simulators.

TDK's Environmental Initiatives

We introduce our compliance with various environmental standards and our efforts in developing environmentally friendly products based on TDK's own standards.

Sensor Solution

We present TDK's extensive portfolio of sensors and sensor systems, offering solutions for sensing various conditions, environments, and motions.