Software (Virtual Control Panel) Download for Genesys, GENESYS+, Z+

Software (Virtual Control Panel) Download for Genesys, GENESYS+, Z+
Before downloading this software, be sure to read the "Software License Agreement" below.
The use of this software is allowed only after agreeing to the terms of this agreement. If the download of the software has begun, it shall be deemed that agreement has been obtained.
Also, this software is only provided to customers who have purchased the TDK-Lambda Corporation's Genesys, GENESYS+, Z+ product. Customers who do not own the applicable product should not download the software.

【Software License Agreement】

  1. 1. All authorities and other intellectual property rights related to this software belong to our company or our company's licensers.
  2. 2. The download and use of this software are to be conducted at the responsibility of the customer. Our company shall not be obligated to provide any technical support whatsoever regarding the software, including support related to its operating methods, or additions or revisions to its functions or procedures to conform to the requests of individual customers.
  3. 3. Please be aware that the content of this software may be subject to revision or deletion without prior notice.
  4. 4. Even if damages occur as a result of downloading, installing, or using this software, our company shall not bear any responsibility whatsoever for such damages.
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■Revision History
August 22, 2023 The software has been updated.
June 20, 2022 Initial release