TMR Angle Sensors Selection Guide

The selection guide provides an overview of the entire product lineup and helps you select the optimal product

Features of analog output products (link within the page)
Features of digital output products (link within the page)
Product Lineup (link within the page)

Features of analog output products

TAS214x, TAS414x, TAB4140 and TAA6140 are highly sensitive analog TMR sensors. They are able to measure up to 360° with high accuracy and stability in a wide range of temperature and magnetic field variations.
TAS214x and TAS414x are pure TMR-bridge angle sensors providing SIN/COS outputs.
In addition to redundancy, TAB4140 and TAA6140 include an output amplification, well suited for remote applications.
In combination with a microcontroller and a small piece of software these sensors offer outstanding angular measurement performances in safety- critical automotive applications.


  • • Specialized angle sensor for use under harsh environmental conditions.
  • • High reliability and low FIT rates allow operation in safety-critical applications
  • • Simple circuitry and low number of external components allow fast and easy development.
  • • Diagnostic capability through direct monitoring of the sensor elements.
  • • Dual- and triple-die version to reach highest safety standard
  • • Optional signal amplification with differential or single-ended outputs
  • • In combination with simple algorithms running in microcontrollers, the remaining very low angular drift over temperature can be compensated and allows to be operated in the complete magnetic field range without any changes in angular precision.

Physical Characteristics

  • • Recommended supply voltage range: 3 V to 5.5 V
  • • Current consumption at 5 V, 2 mA (TAS214x), 4 mA (TAS414x)
  • • Wide temperature range:TA = −40 °C to +150 °C
  • • Wide magnetic field range: 20 mT to 120 mT(standard range), 80 mT to 120 mT (with lower accuracy), higher magnetic fields with restrictions
  • • Angle accuracy: ±0.6 to 0.8 deg. @ 20 mT to 80 mT

Typical Applications

Absolute rotary angle sensor
EPS motor-shaft angle sensor
EPS angle sensor
Throttle position sensor
Resolver replacement


  • • Very high output differential voltages (1.5 VPP or 3.0 VPP) at VSUP = 5 V, allow direct connection to ADCs and provide high signal resolution over temperature
  • • Simple IC-controlled read-out of analog voltages
  • • “Fail safe” and ASIL D support at system level (TAS414x, TAB4140, TAA6140)
  • • Suitable for operation with wide range of supply voltages
  • • Small single-mold packages available
  • • AEC-Q100 qualified (Grade 0)

Features of digital output products

TAD214x, TAD4140
High-Precision TMR Angle Sensors with Digital Output

TAD214x and TAD4140 are TMR angle sensors which allow absolute angle measurement of up to 360°. Based on the Tunnel Magneto-Resistive (TMR) effect, they offer high sensitivity and best angle accuracy needed for demanding automotive applications.
The internal digital signal processing allows outstanding angular measurement performance. Stability in a wide range of temperature, and magnetic field variations is also achieved.
"The sensors are pre-calibrated at manufacturing and additionally offer in-application calibration modes.
The “Static compensation” targets the elimination of angle errors caused by mechanical misalignment between magnet and sensor.
In 360° multi-turn operation, TAD214x and TAD4140 achieve excellent angle accuracy by using the “Dynamic compensation”mechanism, which eliminates magnetic, temperature, and life-time effects."
TAD214x and TAD4140 support various output Interfaces such as UVW (Hall Switch Emulation Mode), PWM, ENC (Encoder Mode), SPI, SENT, and SPC.
To reduce system costs and provide and automotive system level EMC/ESD protection, TAD2140 integrates six capacitors and one resistor.

・ Two TMR bridges including signal processor unit in one TO6 or TSSOP16 package
・ Fully redundant version with two signal processor units and two times two TMR bridges in one TSSOP16 package (TAD4140)

・ Various and configurable digital outputs:

  • ・ UVW (Hall Switch Emulation Mode)
  • ・ PWM
  • ・ ENC (Encoder Mode)
  • ・ SENT SAE J2716 rev 3(TAD2140)
  • ・ SPI

・ High EMC/ESD performance for automotive system level (TAD 2140)
・ ASIL B ready device with several diagnostic functions and status reporting
・ Internal diagnostic capability including direct monitoring of the sensor elements
・ Continuous in-operation self-tests:
・ Magnet loss detection
・ Maximum rotation speed detection
・ Over/undervoltage detection
・ Internal sensor fails
・ Signal processing supervision
・ Register CRC

Physical Characteristics
・ Performance-dependent current consumption down to 12.5 mA depending on interface
・ Wide operating temperature range: TA = –40 °C to 157 °C(TAD2140) TA = –40 °C to 150 °C (TAD214x & TAD4140)
・ Wide magnetic field range:20 mT to 80 mT (standard range)
80 mT to 120 mT (with lower accuracy)

・ Lowest deviation of angle error of just ±0.05° @ 20 mT to 80 mT at room temperature
・ Guaranteed angle accuracy of ±0.3° in multi-turn application (TAD214x)

Typical Applications
BLDC motor commutation e.g. for EPS, wiper, Absolute angle sensor, Resolver replacement

・ Fast response, high angular accuracy, and advanced compensation algorithms
・ Compliant to ISO 26262: TAD214x rated ASIL B and TAD4140 rated ASIL D
・ No PCB required (TAD2140)
・ AEC-Q100 qualified (Grade 0)

TMR Sensor Applications in a Car

Product Lineup

Analog sensors Digital sensors
Model number TAS2141 TAS2142 TAS2143 TAS4140 TAS4142 TAB4140 TAA6140 TAD2140 TAD2141 TAD21433) TAD4140
Number of TMR lines 1 2 3 1 2
Representative standard angle accuracy1)
(TA=25 °C)
±0.1° ±0.15° ±0.15° ±0.1° ±0.15° ±0.1° ±0.1° ±0.05° ±0.05° ±0.05° ±0.05°
Standard angle accuracy2)
(TA=-40 to 150 °C )
±0.6° ±0.6° ±0.8° ±0.6° ±0.8° ±0.6° ±0.8° ±0.3° ±0.3° ±0.3° ±0.35°
Output Analog, differential voltage1.5 VPP
Sin & Cos
Analog, differential voltage3.0 VPP
Sin & Cos
Analog, differential voltage3.0 VPP
Sin & Cos
2 x Analog, differential voltage1.5 VPP
Sin & Cos
2 x Analog, differential voltage3.0 VPP
Sin & Cos
2 × analog, single end, amplified Sin & Cos 3 × analog, single-end, amplified Sin & Cos Digital
Number of outputs 4 4 4 8 8 8 6 1 24) 25) 44)
Operating temperature range TA=
−40..150 °C
−40..157 °C
−40..150 °C
−40..125 °C
−40..150 °C
Magnetic field range 20...80 mT (Standard)
80...120 mT (Expanded)
Detection range 360°
Redundancy Available Available Available Available Available
Self-diagnosis Available Available Available Available
Internal DTP (FSM) Available Available Available Available
Internal capacitors Available
Package TSSOP8 Available Available Available
TSSOP16 Available Available Available Available Available Available Available
QFN16 Available
TO6 Available
Samples Currently being shipped

1) Not including lifetime drift 2) Including lifetime drift 3) Industrial and consumer grades available
4) Only the dual output IF with SPI and PWM combined can be used 5) A selectable dual output IF structure can be used