Signal Line Common Mode Chokes/Filters

Number of Applicable Products :
or lower
( Accepted Input Range : - thru - )
and over
( Accepted Input Range : - thru - )
( Accepted Input Range : - thru - )
( Accepted Input Range : - thru - )
For general purpose applications
For safety-critical applications
Suitable for size and thickness reduction of products, owing to its unique multilayer structure.
Thick copper wire is used to reduce DC resistance, making the inductors suitable for large current applications.
The combination of high precision patterns and material with outstanding magnetism make the inductors suitable for miniature and thin-profile applications.
Compliant with the IEC 61000-4-2 for ESD immunity
Shows whether the product has undergone evaluation tests based on the AEC-Q200, which is a test standard for automotive passive components set by the AEC of the United States. Please contact us for details concerning concrete evaluation testing methods and their results.
For High-speed Differential Signal Line(USB2.0,LVDS,etc)
For Ultra High-speed Differential Signal Line(HDMI,DVI,DisplayPort,USB3.0,etc)
Suitable for signal lines such as data lines and clock lines of 10MHz or below.

Max. Temperature

Min. Temperature