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Product Overview

Inertial+: The Core of Everything We Do

Inertial sensors are the backbone of all our technology solutions because they are the only always-on positioning sensors. Continuous and reliable, these systems provide positioning information everywhere. These sensors, combined with other absolute sources, such as geomagnetic or wireless signals, provide accurate and affordable positioning in all environments.
Not one single location technology can provide accurate and reliable location information in all environments; therefore, we gather data from all available sources to filter out erroneous measurements and determine the most accurate position.
Regardless of the application or use case, our objective is to enable high quality positioning performance at a price feasible for large scale implementation.
TRACK and RIDE software run on a customer’s application processor to provide automotive and 2-wheeled vehicle positioning in GNSS-challenged areas. The new AUTO product improves on TRACK to provide 10x more accuracy and offers optional perception sensors for full-time decimeter positioning. VENUE is a SaaS solution for indoor positioning in offices, factories, warehouses, construction sites and medical facilities, positioning people, assets and indoor vehicles, like fork lifts and robots.


  • Semi-Autonomous & Autonomous applications - Inertial + Perception Positioning for Autonomous Platforms
    - Primary or subsystem to Lidar/Vision
    - (AMR) Automated Mobile Robots
    - (AV) Autonomous Vehicles
    - ADAS L2-L5
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  • Positioning & Tracking for Micromobility: INS + GNSS Positioning Software for Micro Mobility Platforms
    - e-bike
    - e-scooter
    - e-mopeds
    - Micromobility telematics
    - Dead reckoning GNSS modules
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  • Fleet Tracking - Inertial-Aided Positioning for Always On Vehicle Navigation
    - Fleet Management
    - Navigation systems
    - Telematics (T-box)
    - Dead reckoning GNSS modules
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  • Indoor Positioning - real-time indoor location and analytics solution. (designed for large venues)
    - Smart offices
    - Smart factories / manufacturing
    - Warehouse logistics
    - Construction sites
    - Healthcare
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    Dead Reckoning Inertial Positioning Software for Land-Based Vehicles

    - Automotive position and orientation monitoring in poor or non-GNSS environments
    - Great for fleet tracking, telematics, navigation head units and GNSS DR modules
    - Continuous and reliable positioning at scalable cost
    - Configurable and tuneable for different GNSS receivers and sensors
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  • RIDE
    Inertial + GNSS Positioning Software for 2-Wheeled Micromobility Platforms

    - eScooter and eBike positioning and orientation monitoring in poor GNSS environments
    - Gives parking orientation (heading accuracy) for organized dockless parking
    - Improved drop-off and pick-up location accuracy
    - Continuous tracking with GNSS off for low power draws until movement detected
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  • AUTO
    Autonomy Solution for Vehicles & Robots

    - Always-on positioning for safety and integrity monitoring: INS technology is always-on in the background when other positioning sensors fail. Supports other perception sensors like imaging radar that work in all environments
    - High accuracy in GNSS-Challenged environments: Decimeter-level accuracy and high-rate position updates due to tight integration of inertial and perception sensor inputs even when GNSS in unavailable.
    - Commercially viable: AUTO integrates existing automotive-grade IMUs, GNSS and optional perception sensors.
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    Real-Time Indoor Positioning and Analytics Service

    - The optimal solution to balance cost and performance for large venues
    - Track workforce, assets, and machines within indoor facilities
    - Optimize safety and efficiency for workplaces
    - Asset/material tracking on-site for improved logistics and process efficiency
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