Multilayer Piezo Actuator Stacks
Tech Notes
TDK Product Features
TDK presents High Active Stacks (HAS), a new product family in its Multilayer Piezo Actuator portfolio. This disruptive technology patented by TDK is based on a copper-etching process that delivers outstanding performance with enhanced lifetime and superior robustness against humidity. HAS are the result of several decades of experience serving the automotive industry in the field of fuel injection. TDK accomplished milestones in improving and advancing the technology of multilayer piezo actuator stacks. HAS have a wide range of applications in mechatronics, such as in high-end solutions in the field of nano-positioning technology (e.g., microscopes), dispensing valves for semiconductor manufacturing and adhesives in production processes, as well as in bonding wire machines, among many others. These unique features make HAS the preferred option for piezoelectric actuator stacks compared to silver-palladium (AgPd) based ones: ・Cost-effective, using copper in its inner electrodes instead of palladium. ・Enables 20 % higher strain or deflection due to its minimized inactive areas (100 µm width). ・Ideal for humid environments with higher robustness against humidity (no silver migration). ・The lead-free, high melting point metal outer bond ensures operation at high temperatures without signs of embrittlement or loss of contact.