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Product Overview
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The CUR 4000 is a single-axis contactless magnetic-field sensor for galvanically isolated DC and AC current measurements.
This article clearly describes and explains information valuable for our customers related to the features of TDK's CUR 4000 current sensor.

Product Description

The CUR 4000 sensor was developed for current measurements in automotive and industrial applications such as high-voltage battery monitoring systems of hybrid and electric vehicles (xEV). A flexible Multi-Hall-Array allows linear or differential magnetic-field sensing for contactless and precise current sensing up to ≥2000 A. CUR 4000 can be used for different module concepts like core-based or coreless. In the linear modes of CUR 4000, a configurable array of Hall elements enables highly accurate measurements for core-based stray-field robust sensor-module designs. The differential mode enables small coreless and stray-field robust system designs without shields.

Figure 1 : CUR 4000 application setup

Read-out of the complete Hall array provides an output-offset temperature drift below ±0.05 percent full scale. A non-linearity error of ±0.2 percent and a noise performance of ±0.005 percent full scale allows precise current measurements with a signal bandwidth of up to 8 kHz. Current sensing modules equipped with the CUR 4000 can be programmed directly in-circuit by a microcontroller via SPI interface. CUR 4000 is defined as ASIL-B ready SEooC (Safety Element out of Context) according to ISO 26262. Major characteristics like gain and offset, etc. can be adjusted to the magnetic circuitry by programming the non-volatile memory. The device is designed for automotive applications with operation in an ambient temperature range (TA) of –40 °C up to +150 °C.

Figure 2 : CUR 4000 block diagram

Main Applications

  • Battery monitoring
  • Battery disconnect unit
  • Stationary battery management

Main Features and Benefits

  • Non-intrusive, galvanically isolated contactless and coreless current sensing
  • High-precision, linear magnetic field sensing with flexible Hall plates array for core-based current sensing
  • Differential magnetic-field (stray-field compensated) coreless current sensing without shields
  • Signal bandwidth up to 8 kHz
  • Total system error <1%
  • SPI interface for calibration, test, and debugging via microcontroller
  • Operates from –40 °C up to 150 °C (TA)
  • Operates from 3.0 V up to 5.5 V
  • ISO26262 ASIL-B ready and qualified according to AEC-Q100-Rev-H

Key data

Type CUR 4000
Package SOIC8
Output formats SPI
Total system error <1%
Magnetic-flux density range ±100 mT
Safety ASIL-B ready development according to ISO 26262