What is EMC Testing?

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic susceptibility (EMS) are collectively referred to as electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

Electromagnetic Interference(EMI)
⇒Electronic devices emit noise that has an impact on other devices.
This is referred to as “emission.”

Electromagnetic Susceptibility(EMS)
⇒The degree to which an electronic device is affected by external noise.
This is referred to as “immunity.”

EMC testing comprises EMI testing, which measures the strength of noise emitted by an electronic device, and EMS testing, which measures whether an electronic device functions properly despite external noise.

Features of TDK’s EMC Test Services

Internationally-Certified Test Labs

The TDK EMC Center is accredited EMC test laboratory, which have been based on the international standard (ISO/IEC17025) concerning the operation and technologies used here. The TDK EMC Center has been accredited by Japan VLAC and US A2LA.
In the EMC Center, a DoC (Declaration of Conformity) system based on FCC regulations can be applied, which significantly reduces the time required for the certification of products and equipment/devices of our customers. In addition, the center has also obtained certificate in EMC testing for automotive devices, and is registered as EMC test laboratory for GM FORD. Also, appointed by TUV Rheinland Japan Ltd.
The center is a TUV Rheinland Japan Ltd. certified site.
The center is also a domestic VCCI registered test site.

Test Certification Number
VLAC:VLAC-047 (Scope of Accreditation:https://www.vlac.co.jp/files/eng/lab/vlac_047_1e.pdf
(Link to the site of Voluntary EMC Laboratory Accreditation Center Inc.)
TUV Rheinland:UA50050834
VCCI:Registration Number:A-0321

One-Stop EMC Measurement and Assessment Services

This facility consist of an ultrahigh performance 10 m anechoic chamber, a 3 m anechoic chamber for Automotive Electronics Devices and various shielded rooms, to provide our customers with EMC measurement and evaluation services. These facilities provide our customers with One Stop Solution for comprehensive EMC measurement and evaluation of equipment/devices such as IT/AV equipment and automotive electronics devices.

Our anechoic chamber adopting the high-performance radio wave absorber developed and manufactured by TDK

Using the high-performance radio wave absorber developed by TDK through a long period of research as the top manufacturer specializing in ferrite, a site attenuation as low as Within ±1.5 dB or smaller has been realized in a 10 m-method anechoic chamber. This anechoic chamber allows for stable EMC measurement and evaluation with high reproducibility.

EMC Measurement

Emissions (EMI) Measurement

We perform measurements of EMI from Multimedia equipment (MME) and industrial, scientific and medical radio-frequency (ISM) equipment based on domestic and overseas test standards and issue test reports.

  • VCCI (Voluntary Control Council for Information Technology Equipment) technical standards
  • The ANSI standards of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission)
  • ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standard
  • IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standard
  • EN (European Norm) standards
  • CISPR (Comite International Special des Perturbations Radioelectriques ) standards
  • GM standard based on the AEMCLRP (Automotive EMC Laboratory Recognition Program) requirements (GMW3097), Ford standard (FMC1278, FMC1280)
  • In the 10m anechoic chamber, we have 2 antenna measurement system to be enable highly effective measurements.

Immunity (EMS) Measurement

We measure the immunity of electronic devices/equipment for domestic and overseas standards and issue test reports.

  • ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Standards
  • IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) Standards
  • EN standards
  • CISPR standards
  • GM standard based on the AEMCLRP requirements (GMW3097), Ford standard (FMC1278, FMC1280)

EMC countermeasure support

When EMC countermeasures have become necessary as a result of EMI measurement and EMS testing but you are unsure of the specific method to use, the experienced engineers in EMC countermeasures will assist you with countermeasures.
TDK always has EMC countermeasure components that we are proud of, such as evaluation/analysis tools and various noise filters, which makes it possible to provide effective countermeasures in a short period of time.

Issuance of test certificates of FCC or VCCI

We issue test reports for the certifications or verifications related to FCC.
We also issue test reports for compliance to the VCCI.

Issuance of the EMC Test Report for CE mark acquisition

We issue the EMC Test Reports for self declaration for a CE mark.

Issuance of the test report specified under the AEMCLRP

We can prepare onboard device test reports in accordance with test plans from GM or Ford.

List of standards supported by the EMC Center

Consumer device emissions standards Consumer Device Immunity Standards Onboard device standards Automaker standards Medical Electrical Equipment - New EMF (Low Frequency Magnetic Field) - New
FCC Part15 Subpart B
CISPR 35/EN 55035
ISO 7637-1
ISO 11452-11
Ford / FMC1278
GM / GMW3097
IEC60601-1-2/EN60601-1-2 IEC62311/EN62311

Time Domain High-Speed EMI Measurement System (upon request)

The system supports measurement of 30 MHz to 1 GHz EMI emissions for testing consumer electronic devices. By employing high-speed measurement technology that uses digital signal processing (DSP), high-speed measurements of electric field strength distribution can be taken at all frequencies. Noise analysis such as the timing of noise generation can also be performed for use in noise countermeasures.

Reverberation Chamber - EMS Measurement System

Complies with ISO 11452-11 and IEC 61000-4-21, which are the immunity test standards for reverberation chambers.
The electric field radiated inside the shield room is reflected on its interior surfaces using a stirrer to create an isotropic homogeneous electric field. This allows for immunity testing that accurately simulates both indoor and outdoor environments.

Applicable Standards ISO-11452-11 / IEC61000-4-21
Shield surface dimensions (m) 3.8(W) X 5.8(L) X 2.7(H)
Supported frequencies 200MHz to 6GHz
Electromagnetic field strength immunity test 200V/m
Test area (test volume) (m) 3.0(W) X 1.9(L) X 1.9(H)
Power supply 1Φ 100/120/200V 50Hz
3Φ 200V 50Hz
Others / Equipment Stirrer (1 horizontal)

EMC Testing Process



Contact information for inquiries
(To confirm information necessary for testing including equipment to be tested, unified standards, and requested schedule)


Complete application

Please input the information needed for testing to the application.
In the case of certified tests, please separately submit documents needed to issue a test report.
Also, please confirm any safety precautions.



Upon request, we can issue a quotation.


EMC Testing

We can perform testing at our test site.
Our EMC engineers will attend the test.
* If you require this service, we will conduct a pre-test meeting.


Test Reports

We will issue a test report in the case of certified tests.
(If you would like a test report to be issued, please make a request in advance.)

Remote EMC Testing Services

At TDK's EMC Center, we can provide EMC testing services with the minimum required number of customers by utilizing web conferencing tools for real-time viewing.

Item Note
Web conferencing tool Microsoft Teams
Fee No additional cost
Real-time viewing

We kindly ask personnel involved in the installation and operation of the test equipment to visit our center.