TDK Component Library for Keysight PathWave ADS

Instruction Manual

  • * This library can be used with ADS2012 or latter versions. However, this library might not be used depending on a simulation environment. Please acknowledge it beforehand.
  • * The content of this library is subject to change without notice.

Sample project

This is a sample project file for simulating the skew characteristic of common mode filters. By performing a simulation using ADS, you can easily obtain the test items for the HDMI compliance test.

Update Information

July, 2022

  • ESD Notch Filters have been newly added.
  • Product list has been updated.

February, 2020

  • Product list has been updated.

October, 2017

  • The ESD absorption property of chip varistors and chip protectors can be simulated.

January, 2016

  • Product list has been updated.

July, 2015

  • The DC superimposition characteristics of power-use inductors and the DC bias characteristics of high dielectric constant type ceramic chip capacitors can be simulated.

Product List

  • Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors
  • 3-Terminal Feedthrough MLCCs
  • Inductors (Coils)
  • Chip Beads
  • 3-terminal Filters
  • Common Mode Filters
  • Noise Suppression Filters
  • ESD Notch Filters
  • Varistors
  • Chip Protectors
  • Pulse Transformers

Software License Agreement

Terms and conditions regarding TDK Simulation Models

  1. (1)This simulation model is being provided solely for informational purposes. Please refer to the specifications of the products in terms of detailed characteristics of such products.
  2. (2)In no event shall TDK Corporation of any of its subsidiaries be liable for any loss or damage arising, directly or indirectly, from any information contained in this simulation model, including, but not limited to loss or damages arising from any inaccuracies, omissions or errors in connection with such information.
  3. (3)Any and all copyrights on this simulation model are owned by TDK Corporation. Duplication or redistribution of this simulation model without prior written permission from TDK Corporation is prohibited.
  4. (4)This simulation model is subject to any modification or change without any prior notice.
  5. (5)Neither TDK Corporation nor any of its subsidiaries shall make any warranty, express or implied, including but not limited to the correctness, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose with respect to this simulation models.
  6. (6)The use of this simulation model shall be deemed to have consented to the terms and conditions hereof.