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TDK's MEMS microphones have achieved compact, low-profile, and high in performance due to the CSMP (chip size MEMS package) technology that has been cultivated through the development of products such as SAW devices.

TDK and InvenSense's analog and digital microphone portfolios build on a strong heritage of industry firsts, including continuous improvement of MEMS microphone SNR, ever-higher integration levels, and even lower power consumption. Technological advances like these have enabled machine speech recognition & adaptive noise suppression to become commonplace in consumer devices and other applications.

Humans intuitively understand audio capture to be a critical factor in awareness of their surroundings. Voice capture is quickly becoming the leading interface between man and machine. InvenSense is microphones are first in line to enable smart devices with accurate voice collection. InvenSense combines the capability to sense audio along with a wide sensor portfolio, capturing motion, pressure, air quality and ultrasonic information.


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