What is a PPAP (6): When is a PPAP required?
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A. A PPAP is required for each product line family intended to be supplied for automotive use. Each company and industry has their own product specific definition of a product line family. For TDK MLCCs the product line family definition is body style and TC. Examples of TDK MLCC families include 1608C0G, 1608X7R, and CKCL22C0G.

PPAPs may also be necessary if there are any changes that affect the product or of the product line values increase. (I.e. Capacitance range expansion.) The supplier will need to notify the customer of the change and ultimately the customer will determine if a PPAP is required. Typically for TDK MLCCs if a change is made to an existing approved family, the customer only requires an abbreviated PPAP update. This is generally in the form of a modified qualification test plan represented in "Material performance results".

Typical process changes include but are not limited to any process changes, material changes, product changes, equipment changes, and facility changes just to name a few. PPAP notification is also covered in the AIAG PPAP manual.

When a customer is requesting a PPAP, it is the direct supplier that must create and assemble the PPAP. All reports and necessary testing must be performed on the product supported by the supplier. The supplier may require a subsequent PPAP from any sub-suppliers. The sub-supplier PPAP alone is not sufficient to satisfy the customer.

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