What is a PPAP (7): How long does a PPAP take to complete?
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A. Several factors determine the total PPAP approval time. The length of time needed for the PPAP negotiation, the length of time to complete all PPAP elements, and the time needed by the customer to review, approve, and return the signed PSWs.

For MLCC qualification, reliability testing per AEC-Q200 includes environmental testing up to 1000 hr and Pb free applications require Sn whisker testing up to 3000 hrs. The sample prep time, actual test time, interval measurement times, and data tabulation time constitutes the total test time.

After all requirements are satisfied, the supplier will submit the PPAP to the customer for review. The customer may have some additional customer specific qualification requirements. Once all requirements are satisfied and the customer has granted approval, the customer then needs to sign all accompanying PSWs and return copies to the supplier.

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