What is a PPAP (2): What are the elements in the PPAP checklist?
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A. The PPAP checklist is found in the AIAG PPAP manual. The current release is revision 4. There are 18 required documents which are referred to as PPAP elements.

The required PPAP elements are:
  1. Design records
  2. Engineering change documents
  3. Customer engineering approval
  4. Design FMEA
  5. Process flow diagrams
  6. Process FMEA
  7. Control plan
  8. MSA
  9. Dimensional analysis
  10. Material performance results
  11. Initial process studies
  12. Qualified laboratory documentation
  13. ARR
  14. Sample product
  15. Master sample
  16. Checking aids
  17. Records of compliance
  18. PSW
Review of the PPAP checklist is the first step in a PPAP negotiation. The PPAP checklist will determine what PPAP level is required.

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