Product Map for RF Components (Base Stations)

TDK's wide lineup of RF components includes filters, diplexers, triplexers, baluns, directional couplers, chip antennas, isolators/circulators and modules developed with LTCC, thin-film and SESUB (Semiconductor Embedded in SUBstrate) technology.
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In the TDD (Time Division Duplex) system, one frequency band is shared for both upstream and downstream operations.
In the FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) system, there are two frequency bands, one for upstream and one for downstream operations.

Product Map for RF Components and Modules  (Base Stations)
Product Map for RF Components and Modules  (Base Stations)
Product Name Symbol in Diagrams Image Functions and TDK Product Features
Filter LPF / HPF
A fixed frequency is used for communication between wireless devices.
A filter has functions to pick up only the signals in this required frequency, and eliminate the signals in the frequencies which are not required.
A balun has functions to convert unbalanced signals into balanced signals, or vice versa, and to also simultaneously convert the impedance values.
Directional coupler
A directional coupler has functions to pick up a part of the output in order to constantly maintain and control the output gain of the power amplifier (PA), and to provide feedback to the PA input.
A circulator transmits the high frequency signal that entered terminal① only to terminal⓶, and the high frequency signal entered terminal⓶ is sent only to the terminal③. In this manner, it transmits only in one fixed direction, and the signals are not transmitted in the opposite direction.
Also, an isolator is a component in which one of the three terminals of a circulator is connected to a termination resistor.
RF inductor
Unique ceramic material and configuration allows for the realization of high Q characteristics that are equivalent to that of air core wound inductors.
Multilayer method allows for a lineup with fine increments of inductance.