Direct Angle Sensors
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Direct angle sensors capture the field vector by measuring sine and cosine components of the magnetic field. This is possible due to the new 3D HAL technology from TDK-Micronas. Vertical Hall plates measure the magnetic field components in the chip plane and not the components perpendicular to the chip surface . These kind of sensors provide angular and position information directly via an output signal proportional to the measured angle or position. The sensors of the HAL 37xy family can measure three magnetic field components BX, BY, and BZ. This enables a set of potential applications for position detection, such as wide distance, angle or through-shaft angular measurements. On-chip signal processing calculates the angle out of two of the magnetic field components and converts this value into an output signal. The sensors exhibit excellent drift performance over the specified temperature range resulting in a new class of accuracy for angular or linear measurements. The sensors feature an arbitrarily programmable stepwise linear characteristic for linearization of the output signal. Major characteristics can be adjusted to the magnetic circuit by programming the non-volatile memory. The sensors contain advanced on-board diagnostic features that enhance fail-safe detection. The devices are designed for automotive and industrial applications. HAC 37xy features integrated capacitors for improved electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and PCB-less applications. HAR 37xy is the dual-die version of the HAL 37xy family. Each sensor provides true redundancy as it consists of two independent dies stacked in a single package. The stacked-die architecture ensures that both dies sense the same magnetic field position, thus generating synchronous measurement outputs.