Hall Switches
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TDK Product Features
A Hall switch measures the magnetic field strength and compares it with a fixed threshold level predefined or programmable in the sensor. As soon as this value is exceeded (switching point) the switching state at the output of the sensor changes. TDK-Micronas offers two Hall switch families, both equipped with a temperature-compensated Hall plate with active offset compensation: The HAL 1002 features programmable switching points and switching behavior and is programmable by modulating the supply voltage. The tolerances of the sensor, the magnet, and the mechanical positioning can be compensated for the final assembly. The temperature compensation of the Hall IC can be tailored to all common magnetic materials. This enables operation over the full temperature range with constant switching points. The HAL 1002 is designed for the use in hostile industrial and automotive environments. The HAL 15xy sensor family consists of ASIL ready Hall switches especially designed for safety-critical applications. HAL 15xy devices are available as 3-wire version with short-circuit protected open-drain output and as 2-wire version. The HAL 15xy family is available in the smallest SOT23 and TO92UA package and provides lowest power consumption, fast response times, and special safety features like a unique power-on self-test. With different switching-point versions, the HAL 15xy switch family serves a broad variety of automotive and industrial applications under harshest temperature conditions.