Tech Notes

TDK Product Features

TDK's 3-terminal filters obtain a sharp attenuation characteristic by combining a capacitor and inductor on one chip, and are highly effective in suppressing noise in electronic devices. A wide-ranging product lineup is made available by taking advantage of TDK's unique technologies such as our firing technique for different materials, including a multilayer type suitable for miniaturization and a wire wound type suitable for power consumption reduction. They thus support signal circuits, power circuits, and large-current power circuits of various electronic devices including digital TVs and smartphones.


Nov. 28, 2020
TDK Virtual Component Library (S-parameter, Equivalent Circuit Model, SPICE Model) updated.
Nov. 26, 2020
Application Guide for Smart Watch/Activity Tracker has been released.
Oct. 16, 2020
Application Guide for Fuel Injection System in motorcycle has been released.
Sep. 25, 2020
Application Guide for True Wireless Stereo has been released.
Sep. 17, 2020
Application Guide for ABS/CBS in motorcycle has been released.