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Tech Notes

TDK Product Features

The DC-DC converter is a type of switching power supply that converts direct currents of buslines into direct currents that are needed for devices. TDK has a lineup of DC-DC converters under the TDK-Lambda brand for the industrial equipment market boasting high-reliability and long service life made possible with advanced circuit designing technology and high-density mounting technology. The lineup of DC-DC converters by TDK-Lambda also includes insulation and non-insulation types to meet various applications along with onboard, power module and unit types and a wide range of industry-standard sizes from brick-shaped to inch-sized.


Nov. 29, 2018
"Products Conforming to European Union RoHS Directive / Product Information Concerning Revised China RoHS" has been updated.
Jun. 20, 2018
Power supply product: Addition of dual output model to isolated DC-DC converter CCG Series
Apr. 16, 2018
Power supply product: 300-1000VDC input, isolated DC-DC converter TEP200-280
Oct. 18, 2017
FAQ | Added "AC-DC Power Supplies" and "DC-DC Converters"
Apr. 12, 2017
“Classifications of Medical Devices” and TDK Products’ Coverage of Those Classes has been released.