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Audio line solutions for smartphones using chip varistors

Audio line solution for smartphones using chip varistors - An overview

A TVS diode or chip varistor (multilayer chip varistor) is normally inserted into the audio lines of smartphones, namely the speaker line and head phone line, to suppress ESD (electrostatic discharge). But, to suppress noise in audio lines, ESD immunity alone is not enough, and electromagnetic noise emitted from the circuit wiring inside the smartphone must also be suppressed.
Chip varistors from TDK not only provide ESD suppression in audio lines, but are also ESD protection components which meet a variety of requirements specific to audio lines, such as the following:

  • Significant reduction in mounting area
  • Low audio distortion
  • Improved noise sensitivity
  • Noise suppression
We shall now explain the various advantages which make our chip varistors the optimal solution for the audio lines of smartphones.