Terminal Adhesion (4): What MLCC (Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor) variables effect terminal adhesion?
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A. Solderability and plating thickness4 play an important role in terminal adhesion, however it is the MLCCs material system that is most significant.

Figure 1: MLCC inner structure

The material system used in a ceramic capacitor is rather complex, especially when considering the bond between the ceramic dielectric and the metal electrodes. The type and amount of glass frit used in the termination paste as well as the ceramic dielectric formulation are key variables for terminal adhesion. The co-firing temperature profile and atmosphere provide the catalyst for the termination-ceramic bond to occur.

Figure 2: Glass frit penetrates the ceramic dielectric

* C.F.Smith, Jr., “End Termination Compositions for Multilayer Chip Capacitor: Platable Bases and Plating”, 37th Electronics Components Conference, 1986.

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