Coupled Inductors
Tech Notes
TDK Product Features
TDK’s coupled inductors are key components in power management systems in automotive and industrial applications. Their application field is versatile as they can be used in different DC/DC converter topologies, as 1:1 transformers in flyback converters and even as common-mode inductors in power supply lines. They can also be used as a 2-in-1 solution for multiphase topologies. Coupled inductors help significantly reduce the board´s complexity and improve the circuit's efficiency. TDK’s coupled inductors are available in four footprints from 7 x 7 mm to 12 x 12 mm and have an inductance range from 2 µH to 100 µH. The compact and robust design offers functional isolation up to 500 V and a temperature range of up to 150 °C. Most topologies require very tight magnetic coupling between the coil windings. TDK offers different versions specifically designed to provide high coupling factors up to 99.7 percent. However, tight coupling is not always desired. In this case, a version with loose coupling is also available in the product portfolio.