High Current Flat Wire Inductors
Tech Notes
TDK Product Features
TDK offers a wide range of high-current flat wire inductors. ERU inductors have compact dimensions due to flat helical winding with a rectangular wire, and feature low RDC and high saturation currents. High-temperature usage up to 150 °C is possible due to ferrite core material. The components are magnetically shielded and are designed in a self-leaded construction with underbody termination (SMD). They are RoHS-compatible and partly AEC-Q200 qualified. Typical applications include automotive, industrial and telecommunications. Power Cube Metal (PCM) series with its hybrid construction are optimized for high saturation currents and low DC resistances. Typical applications include primary DC/DC converters in automotive such as ADAS, power supplies for servers and base stations, and various types of DC/DC inverters. The PCM is also ideal for interference suppression, such as electric motors in vehicles. PCM’s optimal saturation properties are achieved through an alloy core. Flat wire winding keeps the losses as low as possible and a closed housing made of ferrite material results in an outstanding EMC performance. The lead frame structure is ideal for automatic solder joint inspection and has excellent coplanarity. These powerful inductors are designed for a wide temperature range from -55 °C to +165 °C and are qualified according to AEC-Q200.