Recommended placement of magnets and magnetic sensors

Example of on-axis placement

An example that achieves an angle error of 0.1 degree or less while allowing ± 1.8 mm of rotation axis deviation by placing the sensor on the rotation axis at a position with a gap of 2.0 millimeter from the end of the magnet.
Can be achieved by all TMR angle sensor products

Example of off-axis placement

Example of achieving a mechanical Angle Error of approximately 0.15° or less using LookUp Table compensation with 1 pair poles ring magnet.

Distance magnet to sensor : 4.5mm
Distance magnet center to sensor : 0mm
Distance magnet to package : 2.0mm

Ring magnet specifications
 Outer diameter : 8mm
 Inside diameter : 3mm
 Thickness : 4mm
 Magnet material : NdFeB(Bonding)
 Direction of magnetization : Radius
 Magnetic poles : 2 poles
 Magnetic field at 4.5mm Gap : Up to 30mT

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