Electric Double-Layer Capacitors (EDLC / Supercapacitors)

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The electric double-layer capacitor (EDLC) is made thinner with packaging technology where metal foil laminated film is used, and allowing maximum use of the space for the mountain thickness.
TDK’s EDLCs, which are made with the latest material technology as well as processing technology while featuring high capacitance and low resistance, are excellent for use in applications such as peak output auxiliary power supplies and storage devices for energy harvesting.
Products with a maximum capacitance of 500mF and thin products with a thickness of 0.45mm are available in a range from 5 to 15mF.
Operating voltage is great at 3.2 to 5.5V, with designs that make them easy to use with circuitry.
Products that are characterized by their thinness are of a thickness where they can be mounted on IC cards that are compliant with the ISO/IEC7810 international standard, and are adaptable to bending tests and torsion tests (ISO/IEC 10373-1-compliant), which are required of IC cards.
EDLCs by TDK are also designed with specifications that meet our customers’ needs.


Nov. 29, 2018
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Apr. 12, 2017
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Oct. 7, 2016
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May. 30, 2016
Electric Double-Layer Capacitors (EDLC / Supercapacitors): A new release of the product portal. See these thin products that are compliant with ISO standards (dimensions, bending, torsion tests).
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