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The PhiCap series of PFC capacitors are a proven series of EPCOS MKP (metalized polypropylene) capacitors which have been used in PFC applications for more than 15 years. PhiCap capacitors are especially intended for power factor correction in industrial applications, offering a cost-effective alternative to the PhaseCap types. The capacitors are manufactured using metalized polypropylene film as the dielectric and housed in a cylindrical aluminum can. They are impregnated with biodegradable soft resin and feature stacked windings and a dual safety system. The output powers range from 0.5 kvar to 30.0 kvar and from 0.7 kvar to 6.0 kvar per capacitor, depending on a three-phase or single-phase capacitor design.


Oct. 16, 2020
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Sep. 25, 2020
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Sep. 17, 2020
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Sep. 16, 2020
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Sep. 1, 2020
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