TDK Product Features

TDK's noise suppression filters provide both high noise suppressing effects and signal quality because they show very little change in characteristics with respect to AC and DC due to their material and structural designs where magnetic saturation is suppressed. While controlling audio distortions (THD+N / Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise) in audio lines (such as those for speakers, earphones, and microphones), they also show excellent effects in measures against deterioration in receiving sensitivity, measures against burst noise (TDMA/TDD), and measures against noise in class D amplifiers. They show excellent effects in emission noise countermeasures in power lines for LED lighting.


Jul. 16, 2019
Noise Suppression Filters: Selection Guide has been updated.
Jan. 11, 2019
Solution Guide"TDMA Noise Countermeasures, Reception Sensitivity Improvement, and ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Countermeasures in Microphone Lines, Using Noise Suppression Filters and Chip Varistors"has been released.
Dec. 19, 2018
Application Note "Recommended Products for Use with Class-D Amplifiers (Noise Suppression Filters, Inductors for LPFs, Chip Varistors)" has been released.
Nov. 29, 2018
"Products Conforming to European Union RoHS Directive / Product Information Concerning Revised China RoHS" has been updated.
Oct. 9, 2018
TDK Virtual Component Library (S-parameter, Equivalent Circuit Model, SPICE Model) updated.