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Chip varistors / Ceramic transient voltage suppressors (CTVS®) are ideal, surface mountable components for transient overvoltage protection. Available as single components in case sizes EIA 01005 to EIA 2220, arrays and ESD/EMI filters, these components are designed for circuit protection in automotive, industrial and consumer electronics. The field of application ranges from reliable, fast and low clamping ESD protection of sensitive electronics and data lines up to high energy absorption for protection against severe electrical transients. ESD/EMI filters combine ESD protection and EMI filtering e.g. in audio lines of mobile phones or in high-speed automotive bus systems.


Dec. 19, 2018
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Nov. 29, 2018
"Products Conforming to European Union RoHS Directive / Product Information Concerning Revised China RoHS" has been updated.
Jun. 1, 2018
Voltage Protection Devices: "Voltage Protection Devices Product Map" has been updated. You can find the optimal products for your need as maximum surge currents, maximum continuous voltages, and applications have been added to the Product Map.
May. 29, 2018
Chip Varistors / Ceramic Transient Voltage Suppressors: "How to Use ESD/surge Protection Devices: SMD Varistors" has been released.
May. 25, 2018
Application Note "The Optimal Applications for Chip Varistors for ESD Countermeasures" has been released.