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TDK Product Features

TDK’s ultrasonic Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors utilize a compact ultrasonic transducer to send out an ultrasonic pulse, and then listen for echoes returning from targets in the sensor’s field-of-view (FoV).
The built-in processing unit calculates the time of flight of the ultrasonic pulse and shares this information with the external control unit. The external control unit determines by this information the distance to the objects in the field of view of the sensor.
Unlike optical distance sensors, ultrasonic technology are a highly reliable detection method because ultrasonic can detect transparent objects such as glass.
These ToF sensors are intended for consumer electronics, AR/VR, robotics, drones, IoT, automotive, and industrial markets.
TDK offers a series of products according to the intended use, such as small packaged products, ultra-low power consumption, and resistant to dust and water.


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