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Various industries are starting to embrace the technology of haptics – interaction via sense of touch – and their interests and needs for haptic feedback are growing day by day.
TDK’s PiezoHapt™ actuator is a series of thin-type vibration units, capable of realizing such needs. Each unit of PiezoHapt™ actuator is comprised of a multilayered piezoelectric element and a vibration plate, and its body is thinner than other existing vibrators such as eccentric motors. PiezoHapt™ actuator can operate with low voltage and deliver tactile sensation to a wide area in a very fast response. With this product, you can create countless vibration patterns as amplitude can be freely changed by pulse control. PiezoHapt™ can be used in any devices that require haptic feedback including wearable devices, touchpads, displays and controllers.


Mar. 12, 2017
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Feb. 14, 2017
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Feb. 14, 2017
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Apr. 19, 2016
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