TDK Product Information NEWS Vol.031  April 2019
  • ・The automotive application guides have been extensively updated.
  • ・Application Note "How to Use Power Inductors" has been released.
  • ・Four new portals of products in the sensors and sensor systems lineup have been released.
  • ・Event information
The automotive application guides have been extensively updated.
We present optimal solutions according to automotive function using inductors, EMC countermeasure components, ESD/surge protection devices, transformers, sensors, magnets, and other products from the TDK Group’s extensive lineup.
》Application Guide xEV
》Application Telematics V2X
》Application Guide Safety
》Application Guide Comfort
》Application Guide Powertrain
》Application Guide In-Vehicle Network

Application Note "How to Use Power Inductors" has been released.
As electronic devices become more advanced, the power supply voltage of LSIs used in them is lowered, so their power consumption can be reduced and their speed increased. However, a decrease in the power supply voltage also causes the requirements regarding voltage fluctuations to become more severe, creating a need for high-performance DC-DC converters to fulfill these characteristic requirements, and power inductors are important components that greatly affect their performance. TDK has a widely varied lineup of power inductor products, and this article describes and explains effective methods for using power inductors, and key points for selecting them, according to the required characteristics of DC-DC converters.
》Application Note "How to Use Power Inductors"

Four new portals of products in the sensors and sensor systems lineup have been released.
Embedded Motor Controllers
The HVC flex servo-drive family from TDK-Micronas enables cost-effective realization of high-performance compact electric motor control. The new HVC 4420F offers extended memory size to address the OEM diagnostic requirements. An integrated MPU supports RTOS requirements. Powered by a 32-bit CPU core (ARM Cortex-M3), the HVC controllers economically address growing challenges in the automotive market and beyond (industrial, consumer, instrumentation, etc.). The flexible peripherals of the product provide all means to directly control brush-type, stepper (bipolar or three phase), or brushless (BLDC) motors directly via the integrated high-performance half-bridges without the need for external drivers.
》Products Embedded Motor Controllers

Direct Angle Sensors
Direct angle sensors capture the field vector by measuring sine and cosine components of the magnetic field. This is possible due to the new 3D HAL technology from TDK-Micronas. Vertical Hall plates measure the magnetic field components in the chip plane and not the components perpendicular to the chip surface . These kind of sensors provide angular and position information directly via an output signal proportional to the measured angle or position.
》Products Direct Angle Sensors

Hall Switches
A Hall switch measures the magnetic field strength and compares it with a fixed threshold level predefined or programmable in the sensor. As soon as this value is exceeded (switching point) the switching state at the output of the sensor changes.
》Products Hall Switches

Linear Hall Sensors
Depending on the magnetic field, the output of a linear Hall sensor does not have a discrete switching state, but provides a signal proportional to the magnetic field strength. This output signal can be delivered as an analog output voltage, a pulse-width-modulated signal (PWM) or even as a modern bus protocol (SENT). Different packages are available: through hole SMD, single or dual die configuration, with our without integrated capacitors. Linear Hall sensors from TDK-Micronas are designed for industrial and automotive applications.
》Products Linear Hall Sensors
Event information
Throughout 2019, ICsense will host 3 webinars to provide useful insights in how and when to use ASICs (Application Specific ICs) for automotive, medical, industrial and consumer projects. Sharpen your knowledge on electronics integration and learn if it is useful for your company as well.
》ICsense Webinar series 2019