Linear Hall Sensors
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Depending on the magnetic field, the output of a linear Hall sensor does not have a discrete switching state, but provides a signal proportional to the magnetic field strength. This output signal can be delivered as an analog output voltage, a pulse-width-modulated signal (PWM) or even as a modern bus protocol (SENT). Different packages are available: through hole SMD, single or dual die configuration, with our without integrated capacitors. Linear Hall sensors from TDK-Micronas are designed for industrial and automotive applications. The linear Hall sensor portfolio comprises: • HAL 188y Linear Hall-Effect Sensor Family – Programmable or with Fixed Sensitivity • HAL/HAC 83x Programmable Linear Hall-Effect Sensor Family with/without Integrated Capacitors • HAL/HAR 24xy High-precision Programmable Linear Hall-Effect Sensor Family with/without Redundancy Functionality • HAL 28xy Linear Hall-Effect Sensor Family with Digital Interfaces